A random walk is a mathematical concept that describes the movement of random particles. It can be used to model the path of a molecule in a liquid or a gas, or natural things like the path of a dandelion seed as it flies away. A random walk works by taking an initial step size and moving in a random direction. From there it takes another step of the same size in another completely random direction.

One of the ways a random walk can be useful is in determining the average distance a randomly moving object can travel in a certain amount of steps. The likelihood of it getting to the maximum distance is very small because every angle would have to happen to be the same.

These are some basic control options:

Press [m] to open and close this menu.

Press [space] to play and pause the walk.

Press [enter] to restart the walk a random set of variables.

Press [shift] to restart the current walk.

These are some variables you can play with:

Press [e] to toggle restarting at the edge.

Press [l] to cycle through the length.

Press [w] to cycle through the width.

Press [f] to toggle fading.

Press [b] to cycle through fade intensity.

Press [c] to cycle through color modes.

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